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The Broken promise : Shantanu and Ganga, Devavrata

Once, there lived a King named Mahabhisha born in the Ikshwaku dynasty. He was a very generous and righteous person. He performed a lot of austerities including one thousand Ashwamedhas … Continue reading

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First I need to…

First I need to achieve something in this life Then only I can write some thing which I will be getting and also collecting the information on the subject matter. … Continue reading

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Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji

Shri gurubhyo namaha.

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Ravanna and Lakshmana

 “Tell me O great scholar, the son of Vishrawa, the quintessence of Wisdom…Tell me more about good governance” Said Lakshman, with folded hands.   The vast expanse of the ocean … Continue reading

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Sri Raghvavendra swamy of Mantralayam is still in yogic asampragyat samadhi in the Vrundavana at Mantralayam.[it means he is still inside the Vrundavan at the temple.] He would be there … Continue reading

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ShriRaghavendra Gurusarvabhauma Stotra

The following stotras can be recited by one and all ..they can be written as japa in the RAYAR naam japa page by women and students alike for gaining desired results viz – Scholarly … Continue reading

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Rayara Mahime

ossibly this is another example of looks being deceptive! When I read your incident experience, I was reminded of the story which I read a book done by a researcher … Continue reading

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