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The Broken promise : Shantanu and Ganga, Devavrata

Once, there lived a King named Mahabhisha born in the Ikshwaku dynasty. He was a very generous and righteous person. He performed a lot of austerities including one thousand Ashwamedhas … Continue reading

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First I need to…

First I need to achieve something in this life Then only I can write some thing which I will be getting and also collecting the information on the subject matter. … Continue reading

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Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji

Originally posted on Dvaita-the ultimate truth:
HARI SARVOTHAMA!!        VAYOO JEVOTHAMA!! || Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha || || Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Guruvae Namaha || The below…

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Ravanna and Lakshmana

 “Tell me O great scholar, the son of Vishrawa, the quintessence of Wisdom…Tell me more about good governance” Said Lakshman, with folded hands.   The vast expanse of the ocean … Continue reading

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Religiosity and…

Religiosity and Intelligence.

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Sri Raghvavendra swamy of Mantralayam is still in yogic asampragyat samadhi in the Vrundavana at Mantralayam.[it means he is still inside the Vrundavan at the temple.] He would be there … Continue reading

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I had very special inclination to rayaru [ i bet everyone has] , with every opportunity available I used to run away to Mantralayam even as we were living central … Continue reading

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